Wednesday 1.29.14

Burpee Challenge.jpg

February Burpee Challenge

CFCH members: We are hereby officially challenging you to complete 28 burpees every day for 28 days. Why, you ask? There is hardly a single exercise that provides better conditioning than a burpee. Who knows, at the end of a month, you might even get better at burpees! You might improve WOD times! You might learn to LOVE the burpee!!! Well....maybe that's a stretch.....but you sure as heck will get better at them. In fact, we'd like you to test that, too. 

Our challenge is for you to complete 28 burpees every day during the month of February. You can complete them all at once, or break them into sets - it's up to you. However, on day 1 and day 28, you must complete all 28 at once, for time so that you can track your progress. Miss a day? Don't worry - just complete the missed burpees on the following day. We'll help remind you, and even possibly give you opportunities to complete burpees during the month (!!!)  but in the end, this is about you being disciplined enough to get it done. Some of us are reading this still thinking, "But what do I get out of this? No prizes or anything??" Nope. We all know by now that not everything in life earns a tangible reward. We also all know what it feels like to accomplish something or to complete something challenging....and that's a pretty good feeling. Any time you work towards a goal and actually reach it, that's another step towards making you a mentally strong, more confident , and more motivated person. So there. That's what you get out of it. Well, that and 784 burpees.