Tuesday 1.21.14

CrossFit Open season is almost here! We have almost 25 people registered as part of Team CrossFit Central Houston, and hopefully more to come :) Remember - this is FOR FUN!! You don't need to be an advanced competition, you don't have to want to go to the CrossFit Games to participate and you don't have to go anywhere or do anything special, other than log on once/week and enter a number into your account! DO IT!! You'll regret it when the fun starts and it's too late.... :)  Sign up at games.crossfit.com.

If you are able to do so, I would highly recommend taking the judges course. It's online, it's free, and it's SUPER helpful. It ensures that you understand the standards of movement for the exercises that could potentially be part of the Open....which is helpful to know regardless of whether or not you are competing! You can take the course by clicking here. Please let us know if you complete this training because only those who have done so can judge athletes who are trying to advance to Regionals. 


4 rounds:
300m row
10 T2B
15 DB snatch (55/35)
20 wall balls (20/14)
rest 3 minutes