Monday 9.9.13

The one year party was a success! There was fantastic food, Jaime brought us some homemade beer he brewed especially for the occasion, we had kids in the pool, and adults playing Jenga and Beer Pong. We had such a great time in fact, that you're just going to have to trust me about how much fun we had - we didn't manage to capture many pictures of anyone doing anything short of we'll just hang on to those. You're welcome, Jesus.  

And now the moment of truth! WODs for Partner Throwdown are announced:

In teams of 2 women or 2 men:
 WOD 1
Against a 8 min clock:
As a team row 1000m (RX)/850m (Scaled)
with the remainder of time, establish a 3RM deadlift
 *score = sum of each team member's 3RM (ex: 155 partner A + 175 partner B = 330)

-rest 3 min- 

Against a 6 min clock:
50(RX) / 40(Scaled) burpees completed as a team
One partner will burpee while the other completes a 30m seal walk (RX) or plank hold (Scaled) . Partners must switch each time a seal walk is completed or the plank hold is broken. 
Watch here for seal walk
With the remainder of time, complete max effort DB snatch (50/35RX, 30/15Scaled) with one partner working at a time.
 *score = number of DB snatch completed

-rest 3 min- 

Against a 5 min clock
400m team shuttle sprint (50m at a time, alternating partners)
With remaining time, 
21 wall balls (20# to a 10' line/14# to 9' line RX, 14# to 10' line/10# to 9' line Scaled)
15 hand release push-ups (RX)/hand release push-to plank (RX women and scaled)
9 sit-ups
 *score = total reps completed

Scores from all three WODs will be combined to determine winning teams. 

Participants: You will be receiving an email tonight as well! 

5 sets:
1 strict press
2 push press
3 push jerk
 *do not rack bar during the set

18 min EMOM:
minute 1 - 10 C2B pullups
minute 2 - 10 DB push ups
minute 3 - 10 ground to overhead with plate (45/25), repeat 6 times each

Against a 3 min clock:
600m run
ME KBS (53/35)
rest 1 minute