Tuesday 9.3.13

HOLY COW! There were so many PRs today - be sure that you're writing that stuff down on the PR pole so that everyone can congratulate you for your hard work! There were quite a few folks who bested previous times by 4+ minutes, including Christina, Ben D., Heather,  and Chuck. Be sure and brag on yourself to us when you do PR so that we can recognize you!!!  

Speaking of someone who needs to be bragged on.....
September's Spotlight Athlete is JESSICA ZWEINER! Jessica has such dedication when it comes to form, technique and mobility. She does her homework and it shows! Jessica is constantly staying after class to perform mobility exercises that she's read about, she watches videos and self-educates at home to learn how to complete lifts properly, and she's a perfect example of where our focus should be : on doing things RIGHT! Check out her Athlete Profile under the Spotlight Athlete tab! 

power clean (135/95)
ring dips