Saturday 9.14.13

The first CFCH In-House Competition is in the books, and what a success!! We had 14 teams competing across 3 divisions and a whole crowd of spectators there supporting! A HUGE THANK YOU to our judges: Joe, Brian H., Melanie, and Justin, and our media team: Clay and Carly. After 3 WODs, the results were as follows:

Scaled Women:
1. "Frannies" - Teri and Stephanie
2. Jennifer and Janna

RX Women
1. "Team Thruster Busters" - Raychel and Lauren H.
2. Kim and Christina
3. "The Bar-Belles" - Leah and Heather

RX Men
1. "12 oz Curls" - Ben D. and Jesus
2. "DC" - Josh H. and Alex P.
3. "Old School"-Marshall and Matt S. 


Believe it or not, entering into a competition, even one that's just supposed to be for fun like this one, takes some guts. You have to be willing to put yourself out there in front of your friends and family, and let them watch you give it your all - no matter what the outcome. You get to let them see you succeed, and also risk letting them see you fail. It's one of the reasons why entering competitions is not something that everyone chooses to do. If for only that reason, all of our competitors have something to be proud of - the guts to put themselves out there. Luckily, as seen on Saturday, we have an amazing community of people ready to support one another, no matter the performance. The teamwork and sportsmanship shown is something that we are incredibly proud of. One of the beautiful things about CrossFit is that it's one of the few sports where competitors cheer for one another. The thing is: how I do is a direct result of ME. You're not trying to stop me, block me, or trip me up....we can all only do our best, and the standings will fall where they do. This weekend, competitors were giving high-fives to one another, cheering on one another, and congratulating each other, which is so important in this sport - it's part of the worldwide CrossFit culture. Amidst that atmosphere there were deadlift PRs set, seal walks performed even when levels of fatigue felt almost unmanageable, and so much weight moved! We've posted some pictures on Facebook already, and there will be more uploaded this week. Thank you so much to all of our competitors, volunteers, and spectators for making this such a success!

8AM Saturday Partner WOD
4 min ME at each station with 1 min rest in between:
partner pull ups
med ball sit-ups
slam ball lateral toss
sand bag front squat