Wednesday 8.14.13

Oktoberfest Obliteration V, held in Tomball on October 19th is one of the biggest local competitions all year. There are masters (46-55) , super masters (56+), elite, scaled, and team divisions (not yet released what the team size/makeup will be). Registration dates were just released on their Facebook page, so if you're interested in competing in this one, then a) be sure to "like" their FB page to stay up to date, and b) mark your calendar for the registration date and time because this competition will likely sell out in under 2 minutes. Phil and I will be not be able to attend because my dad is getting married in Austin - but don't let that stop you guys! This one's big. Competing or not, this is a good one to go out and watch.

3x5 push press
 *in between sets complete 10 plyo push ups (men - 45#x2, women - 45#x1) 

15 power cleans (185/135)
20 ring dips
10 power cleans
15 ring dips
5 power cleans
10 ring dips