Thursday 8.1.13

 Go Michelle! 

Go Michelle! 

Alright - a little bit of tough love: SOMETIMES WE RUN OUT OF TOWELS. SUCK IT UP. I am so glad those towels that we bought are being used and valued. However....every now and then when we run out, there is some moaning and groaning (whining, maybe?) about not having a towel. Let me just tell you: Phil and I have been to at least 40 different CrossFit gyms around the world, and ONE of them - ONE - had towels. It's kind of like A/C - sure, you can find a couple of CrossFit gyms that have it, but it's not the standard. We're making you tough. You don't NEED a towel, it's just nice to have. Solution? Get a gym bag and put a towel in there just in case you need it. Or.....just suck it up, buttercup! :)

15 minutes to find max height box jump


10 min AMRAP
10 KBS (70/53)
8 T2B
6 box jumps (24/20)