Tuesday 7.23.13

 Happy Birthday Jennifer!! She had a little extra love added to her WOD (see whiteboard pic below) :)

Happy Birthday Jennifer!! She had a little extra love added to her WOD (see whiteboard pic below) :)

CrossFit Games Coverage

This is our third year going to the CrossFit Games. Four years ago, we were just getting into CrossFit, so going to the Games wasn't even on our radar. Instead, we opted to watch the live stream online.  

Least. Productive. Weekend. Ever. 

I vividly remember a guy from our box in Clear Lake having a birthday party that weekend at the bar, where about 20 of us spent most of the party huddled around cell phones watching the live stream, amist the live band playing. It was that good.

Thankfully, there's even more coverage available to watch the games! The CrossFit Games website has TONS of info and live streams, and ESPN3 will be broadcasting all weekend. The finals will be on ESPN2! Click here for schedule and where you can watch live coverage.  


The Masters competition has already started and there are videos posted on the Games website (games.crossfit.com) of the first two events. If you think the competition gets easy after 40 - you're wrong.  There are 60 year old men out there who will CRUSH your time in a WOD. This 47 year old (and amazing looking) woman did Nancy (5 rounds: 400m run, 15 OHS (95/65)) in 11:23 today. Just so you know, that's 2 minutes faster than my PR. P.S. some of the dudes in the 60+ division beat me too. I'm not saying that I'm some amazing CrossFitter, but OHS are a strength of mine, and also - I'm 31. They're OVER 60. If you get a chance, check out some of the masters coverage - it's really inspiring to know that even as you age, you can still be one hell of an athlete.

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