Tuesday 6.4.13

Go Jose!

Go Jose!

Are you interested in competing at CrossFit? If so, we'd like you to let us know! Participating in CrossFit competitions doesn't necessarily mean that you're trying to make the Games next year. While there are certainly "Rx'd" level competitions, others are geared towards specific age groups (such as 40+), fitness levels (beginner or scaled), and even team competitions where there may be varying ability levels on one team. Believe it or not, you can compete for fun and personal progress tracking :) Lots of times people say, "Oh, I'm not good enough to compete..." Would you tell your kid that?? "You know, son, don't bother playing on that summer basketball team - I don't really see a college basketball scholarship in your future." Hell no, you wouldn't! Because you know that playing sports is about having fun, getting better, learning about yourself, and doing your best. CrossFit is just another sport. 

Local CrossFit competitions will be popping up a lot between now and January, so we'd just like to know who's interested in hearing about them, and who we need to give a little extra push to during class to help you get ready for them! 

Weighted pull ups and dips (alternate between the two)

3x400m run
rest 2 minutes in between

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