Wednesday 6.26.13

From Tabata Times article "Got Abs?" by Colin Stuckert: 

Colin doesn’t mince words as he lays out a common scenario:

I see this all the time: Athletes work their ass off in the gym (some everyday) They get stronger and fitter But they never reach the body results they SHOULD My box, CrossFit Estero, has ~250 members. I see most of these athletes a few times a week for long periods of time. What I see WAY more than I would like to are plateaus. And it’s always the same body-comp culprits: lack of sleep, drinking too much, and a shitty diet. Diet comprises approximately 80% of what determines your body composition and health (granted you aren’t doing crack or smoking cigarettes obv). Over the years I have noticed that people will listen if you give them nutrition advice but translating it into action is a VERY low probability event. There are many factors why this is so: confusion, false food beliefs that the masses still toss around, not actually caring, not knowing where to start, skepticism, etc.

He continues to press the point on those who won’t listen: “Food should be thought of as a drug. A drug creates a hormonal response in the body. Food does the same damn thing. Hormones are linked to everything that goes on in our lives:

  • Happiness
  • Depression
  • Motivation
  • Energy
  • Sex drive
  • Weight loss
  • Weight gain
  • Anger
  • Stress

Do you see how food can be pretty frickin important? This list comprises everything you do in your life and your hormones are responsible for it all. Your food can improve your life or take away from it. Simple as that.”

Read here for more. 

5 rounds:
500m row
ME KBS (53/35)
ME pull ups
rest as needed