Friday 4.5.13

Small Goals

How often do you celebrate your successes in the gym? In fact, let's take it back a little bit further: do you even know when you've had a success or reached a goal?

Here's the thing: it's kind of hard to reach a goal that you never set. It's easy to come in the gym, put in a half-ass effort and get out, feeling alright because you burned a few calories, so now you can go drink that glass of wine you've been wanting all day. It's fine if you want to settle for that...but there's so much more! The first step is to start small: set a goal for yourself each day that you come in for a workout. For today's workout, you might have said, "I'm going to do my first 2 sets of thrusters unbroken, " or, "I'm going to get 10 C2B with the green band today before I move to the black band that I usually use." Think how much more a) effective your training will be when you intentially set daily goals to push yourself, and b) rewarding your workouts will be because you can leave each one with a little accomplishment to celebrate (or a better idea of what you need to work on for next time). 

Open WOD 13.5
4 min AMRAP:
15 thursters (100/65)
15 C2B
*4 min bonus for reaching 90 reps within the first 4 minutes. Additional 4 min bonus for reaching 180 reps within the first 8 minutes, and so on...