Monday 4.15.13

Don't Give Up What you Want MOST for What You Want NOW.

What if you could feel leaner, have more energy, and just generally have a body that FEELS BETTER by making just one change in your life? Would you be interested in hearing about it? Well, here goes: STOP EATING GLUTEN-FILLED FOODS. That's it. What could eating this way do for you? Why is gluten bad? Read here

Things that contain gluten:
all wheat products

It's kind of like when you used to be able to go out to a dance hall (is that what kids are calling them these days?? :)) and there was smoking allowed. At first you walk in and smell the smoke, and you make that crinkled nose face as you react to the stench. It stinks. I used to smoke, I know. But a few hours later, you're out on the dance floor, having a great time, not even giving it a second thought. You've gotten used to the smell. It's not that the smell has gone away - you've just learned to tolerate it. Later that night when you LEAVE that environment and get back to your clean smelling house is when you realize how bad your clothes and hair stink like smoke. Same thing here with gluten. If you haven't eaten gluten free, you're like the person rockin' out in the smoke-filled club. You've been there so long that you don't even realize that anything isn't the way it should be. You've gotten used to the way your body feels and that seems "normal" and "good." It won't be until you step away from the bread that you realize how good you could actually feel. 

The number 1 reason I hear for why people don't eat this way? It's not that they don't think it might work, or even that they could feel great. Instead, they say, "It's hard. I like food." Now, if you knew Phil and I before we started CrossFit and Paleo, you wouldn't even come to us with that crap. The two of us used to take down a loaf of french bread and an entire pot of spaghetti on the regular. Phil is legendary for the amount of food he could take down (ask Chuck). I could eat pizza and cupcakes every day for the rest of my life. Is it hard being disciplined about what you put in your body? Sure - but only until you realize how good it feels when you eat the right stuff and how much worse you feel when you eat the bad stuff. If I eat even a fraction of the type of food that I used to eat regularly, I have indigestion, headaches, and a pounding heart rate. What's more is that I've learned to appreciate the taste of food even more after eating only REAL food. I'm a better cook, my tastes have changed, and there's more variety in my diet. There's a saying:


What do you want most? To look and feel as good as possible? Or that slice of cake?

10 shoulder press (115/75)
15 OHS
20 push press
25 front squat
30 push jerk
35 back squat