Thursday 4.11.13

Reminder: if you haven't done your CrossFit Total yet (we did it last Wednesday): 1RM shoulder press, back squat, and deadlift, it needs to be done ASAP! We will use those numbers to put together a strength program for you. If you've done it already, but sure that this weekend you get a journal either in the form an app on your phone or a paper one, and write down the numbers from your CrossFit Total in that journal. Once we start the strength cycle you may see things on the board like: 5x3 backsquat at 85% of your 1RM. Obviously, if you don't know your  one rep max, you don't know how much weight makes up 85% of it. We won't be able to look up everyone's numbers from the blog picture during the middle of class either, because obviously that would be very time consuming. So please make sure you come prepared ahead of time with your journal and lifts! We're going to get your STRONGER!

12 min AMRAP
12 air squats
12 burpees
30 sec push-up hold 2-3" off ground