Wednesday 4.10.13

This seemed appropriate for today:

If you can’t hold on … hold on.

If you think you can’t make it one more second, one more rep, one more moment … yes, you can.

If you’re sure that this next movement, this next round, this next workout will kill you … it won’t.

Life is full of exaggerations. We are full of exaggerations. Everything is so bad, so tough, so horrible … but that is only our minds making it so. I bet we all (each one of us) are far stronger than we ever realize — physically, mentally, spiritually.

The tank really isn’t empty. You’re just being weak. Figure out what you need to do to get strong again: maybe it’s breaths, or water, or rest, or food you need. But it’s something. Figure it out and get back to work. Life does not improve unless you improve.



Front Squat: 1-10-1-20-1-30