Thursday 3.21.13

Educate Yourself

Angie got her first muscle up today!....and then she got another one :) If you've seen Angie's scores on the board, you know that especially since winning the Paleo Challenge, she's posted some amazing times, some great Open scores, and can lift a lot of weight. Her success in CrossFit has come from some natural strength and skill, lots of hard work, managing her diet, and a key piece that not everyone may know about: SELF EDUCATION. When Angie came in to work on her muscle ups today, sure - we did some drills and did some practice first, but it was obvious that she had done her research. She watches videos about CrossFit constantly. Before the last Open workout she had a journal going of things she wanted to remember about strategy and each of the movements. It's not an accident that she got a muscle up today.

If there's a skill that you have your eyes set on - the handstand push up, a pull up, a muscle up, whatever - then doing your own homework is invaluable to achieving that goal. is a HUGE resource full of videos on demonstrations, how-tos, tips and drills....anything you could want. And it's all FREE. Not to mention the thousands of videos on YouTube done by various high level CrossFitters and CrossFit boxes. Learn all you can about progressions towards accomplishing the movement, listen to different people explain how to do the movement, WATCH the movement over and over....that's how you get good at something. What do you do when you set goals pertaining to your career? You figure out what it takes to get there, you make a plan, and you get help and suggestions wherever you can, then you execute. Same thing here. 

600m run
anchored sit ups
HR push ups
600m run