Monday 3.11.13


What if your name was Jenny LaBaw and you had been training all year for your return to the CrossFit Games, when the day before the CrossFit Open, you broke your leg in a hit-and-run bike accident??! Well, you'd do the first WOD of the open using only one foot. And then you'd get 150 reps. Thus: #LaBAWSOME. 

Jenny's been inspiring people not only in the arena of CrossFit, but with her story about living with epilepsy. Epilepsy is a neurological disorder characterized by spontaneous seizures, and while Jenny's are controlled with medication for the most part, she experiences a constant tingling sensation in her arm that intensifizes during a seizure....but she's determined not to let her disorder keep her from doing anything she puts her mind to. Jenny's thoughts on handling mentally tough situations like this? It's like Kelly Starrett says: life is like a game of Tetris. Read more here

Jenny LaBaw does 13.1 on One Foot

Jenny LaBaw: Living with Epilepsy

5x5 back squat

power clean