Friday 2.1.13

"Meeting Pukey"

So......4 people lost their lunch during/after the workout yesterday. I wanted to address this, not because it's necessarily a pleasant subject to discuss, but because there is some controversy surrounding this issue both in and outside of the CrossFit community. Many people (most of them non-CrossFitters) believe that CrossFit coaches everywhere aspire to make their members puke (I'm sorry - I already used "lose their lunch" and I can't think of any more delicate ways to say it) after every WOD. There is a character portrayed on who's name is "Pukey" and people talk about "meeting Pukey" often times this is used as evidence that CrossFitters are so hard core and super intense that it's the goal to "meet Pukey" as often as possible. 

I can't speak for other boxes, but here at CFCH, that's no our goal. HOWEVER, (dramatic pause).....if it happens, we're not going to be mad at you. And here's why:
If you have pushed yourself so much so that you get sick after your WOD, you now know your limit. Our goal is not to push you over that limit, or over that line each day - but it is our goal to get you right up to it and hang out there for a little bit without stepping over. Often times, people work out for years, thinking that that are working as hard as they can, not knowing that they have so much more to give. For some people it takes a competition for people to realize how much they can push themselves, and for others they push themselves to the point of "losing their lunch" to do it. Obviously, you will make more progress faster if you are working right at maximum output all the time - but if you don't know what your max output's pretty hard to work there. So, again - I don't encourage you to push yourself to the point where you're having to hang out in the bushes outside (that seems to be the go-to place...), but I do encourage you to push yourself to the point where you're uncomfortable - because change is uncomfortable...and getting better is a change. 

5 rounds:
400m run
15 OHS (95/65)