Thursday 11.7.12


You can now purchase your favorite Progenex products at CrossFit Central Houston! Pricing is exactly the same as if you were purchasing online, but without the turnaround time! Here are some of the products that we have for sale:

Taken within 30 minutes of finishing your workout, this recovery shake will help your muscles rebuild and recovery more quickly. Available in Belgian chocolate, mocha loco, strawberry creme, and tropical vanilla. 30 servings for $59.95

More Muscle:
A fantastic protein shake.  Available in Belgian Chocolate and Loco Mocha. 30 servings for $69.96

Nighttime recovery that induces a deep and restorative sleep. Available in Silk Chocolate.  30 servings for $69.96

Pre-workout supplement that increases focus, oxygen, strength and stamina. Available in Lemon Squeeze. 30 servings for $59.95

For more detailed information about these products, you can visit  or ask us!

 100 burpees
  *EMOM 5 pull-ups