Monday 10.14.13

We made Channel 2 News tonight! A reporter and cameraman came to the 9:30am class today and asked us about CrossFit and a recent article linking it to rhabdo (more info on this to come later this week). We were able to talk about how CFCH preaches technique, consistency, and THEN intensity and they got some great video of the 9:30 group! We'll post a link ASAP!

Meanwhile, did you know that we also have a YouTube Channel?? Subscribe to our channel (search CFCentralHouston) and get easy access to videos taken of YOU during class :) and during competitions!  

15 min to establish 1RM power clean

Ladder up:
1 clean @75% of 1RM
1 muscle up
2 clean
2 muscle ups
3 clean
3 muscle ups, etc.....

DB thrusters (30/20)
SDHP (53/35)
1 lap around parking lot in between rounds