Wednesday 12.5.12

RULE #2: "CAN'T", "WON'T" and "DON'T WANT TO" will not be applied to any exercise in the gym

These words are all such a drag! Take them out of your CrossFit vocabulary. If you here someone say any of these words in reference to anything we're doing in class, call them out on it. Don't let them limit themselves by saying silly things like, "I can't do that." It doesn't mean we expect you to be able to do everything all the time, but it's a mindset thing. Instead of, "I can't" try, "I'm working on it." As soon as you say that you can't, you just given yourself permission to never accomplish that goal, and subconciously, you'll stop working as hard to get there.

"I don't want to" is one of those things that doesn't help anything because it doesn't change the situation - it just makes you sound like a sourpuss. Last year during the CrossFit open, no one WANTED to do 7 minutes of burpees, but that didn't change the fact that it was the workout and it had to get done. More often than not the stuff that you don't want to do is that stuff that you need to work on the most. We like doing stuff we're good at....keep working on the stuff you don't want to do and maybe one day you'll have improved so much that it will become something that you don't mind doing.

Change your mindset and hold others accountable for doing the same.

4 rounds:
800m run
25 med ball cleans (20/14)