Monday 12.31.12

Details about the Paleo Challenge:

Hopefully everyone received an email from us yesterday with some information about the 2013 Paleo Challenge. In the event that you did not receive the email/newsletter, please text or shoot us an email so that we can make sure we have the correct contact information for you.

If you are participating in the challenge, you need to attend the nutrition seminar on Saturday, Jan 5th at 11am (right after the 10am class). After learning how to eat Paleo, how to portion, and all that good stuff, Phil will be explaining more about the challenge and answering any questions you might have. If you haven't been weighed and measured by that time, you'll need to do it then. The challenge will start on the following Monday so that after attending the seminar you will know what to throw out of your refrigerator (if it's there, you'll eat it) and have time to hit the grocery store. I will be posting some resources for you with recipes and suggestions for clean eating on the blog, so check here frequently. If you have a Pinterest account, we also have great recipes on there, so make sure you're following us (click on the "P" on the right hand side of this page). 

Also, we decided to add a FREE MONTH OF MEMBERSHIP for each male and female winner as well. So, even if only 6 people do the challenge, each male and female winner would get a total of $250 in prizes ($90 each + $160 membership)!!! The more people who participate, the bigger the pot gets, and the more people in our box who feel great, so start encouraging one another to sign up!