Tuesday 12.11.12


You aren't done with the workout until everyone is done with the workout. That's just how we roll. The last person finished with the WOD should get the most cheers, because everyone else in the class is rallying around them. This is a huge part of what makes CrossFit unique. We aren't just a bunch of people who happen to be working out in the same place, this is a community of folks who encourage one another and make each other better by pushing each other to work harder, to do our very best, and do things that we didn't think we could. This aspect of CrossFit applies to the newest gym with brand new CrossFitters, all the way up to the most elite group of athletes in the world competing against one another.

This video is from the 2012 CrossFit Games Chipper WOD. If you don't care to watch the whole thing (burpee muscle ups??? what?!) fast forward to about 10:45 and watch for a little while. Keep an eye on Rich Froning (who ends up winning the whole thing) and the other guys as they finish. They're slapping each other on the back, high fiving, congratulating one another...and then they go find someone who's not finished. Some of them shout a few words of encouragement as they're catching their breath, and others stick right with a guy helping him get through each rep until he finishes. Then they move on to the next guy who's still working. 

You don't need to be able to give coaching cues, or tell people how to fix their form - leave that to the coach. When you're done, your job is to tell someone else that they can finish too, that they're doing a great job, to just keep going. You'd be amazed at what a difference you can make not just in someone's workout, but in making them feel like they belong.

10 minute AMRAP:
3 deadlift (275/185)
6 pistols
9 K2E