Thursday 11.15.12

We might not be an open gym where anyone can come in at anytime and do whatever they want...but you have some special privledges as a member! Did you know that you can get to class early? What about stay late? Want to get rid of that stiffness in your shoulder before you WOD? Get to class 15-30 minutes early. Is your goal to get a kipping pull up? Stay after class and do some skill work. If there's a skill that you want to learn, the best way to make progress is to put in some extra time. I'm not talking about an hour after each class either - I mean 15-20 minutes of work with whichever of us is not coaching the current class to do some practicing, some drills and get some feedback on your technique. That kipping pull up or handstand push up isn't going to learn itself. :)

5 rounds:
200m sprint
10 power cleans (155/115)
10 lateral burpees
rest 1 minute