Monday 10.1.12

It only takes one CrossFit workout to know that this style of exercise can get you to a place that you don't get to very often. If you're really pushing, you often find yourself torn between wanting to quit because you're not sure that you can make it one more step, and striving for that feeling of accomplishment that makes you know you'll never give up. The good news is, you don't have to be able to clean and jerk 300# to get this feeling - ANYONE can start ANYTIME and still feel that amazing sense of pride that you get when you finish a workout where you gave it everything you have. 

Recently, I heard someone say that they were too old for CrossFit (by the way, she was maybe in her 50s and looked FANTASTIC). I think that's a pretty common misconception. I'm too old/out of shape/scared/overweight/weak to try CrossFit. The thing is, the only thing limiting these folks is their mindset. Anyone willing to work hard and give it their all can do CrossFit; regardless of current physical condition, age, or anything else. As everyone in our gym has seen, CrossFit is all about scaling workouts to meet you where you're at on that day. In fact, there are some pretty bad ass CrossFit athletes out there who that you might not expect:

Check this woman out: Sue Habbe. She's 50 years old and yes, she's at the top of those rings because she did a muscle up to get there. She's a two-time winner in the CrossFit Games, once in the 45-49 division, and last year in the 50-54 year old division.

 Oh, mom's can't do CrossFit? Check out this video of Tanya Wagner (Games champion in 2009) doing this workout while she's PREGNANT.  Here's another video where she talks about how she balances being an amazing CrossFitter, an affiliate owner, trainer and mother. 

Tanya Wagner - Workout #8 from Again Faster on Vimeo.


 And if that weren't enough, here's a 13 year-old girl named Kate. She is a gymnast and CrossFitter who was diagnosed with leukemia and is STILL CrossFitting! Oh, and did I mention that she only has one leg?!?! Her family believes that CrossFit is the reason she's still alive. Her doctor told her that had it not been for her gymnastics and CrossFit background that kept her in such good shape and so strong, she would not have made it through her illness, the treatment and her amputation. If that's not inspiration....


So the next time someone tells that you they're too ________ to try CrossFit, set 'em straight. Anyone can do it. 

deadlifts (225/155)