I have been CrossFitting now for 7 months and I have lost 60 or more LBS.... I stopped looking, because I have noticed I’m more focused on just improving in my classes. Coming to CrossFit has made me more healthy overall...
— Erica
I am almost 50 years old, but feel better than I ever have in my life. I am stronger, more flexible and have much more cardio vascular endurance than I have since my days as a young Marine in 1986. I truly feel that my best days are ahead of me because of CrossFit.
— Dave
I have caught myself saying “wow, I can’t believe I just did that” so many times about so many things. I eat better, drink less, and sleep more.....I am not going to attribute my few personal athletic successes on just the “constantly varied movements, broad time and modal domains” stuff and my beard. I can truly say that the reason why I’m doing alright at this CrossFit thing is due to the positive CFCH culture and the wholehearted interest of Teresa/Phil/Josh in making us better athletes.
— Jaime R.
It’s ok that you’re intimidated. We all were at first. Show up anyway. The community at CFCH is fun, authentic and everyone legitimately wants to get to know you and see you succeed. It’s way better if you celebrate others instead of just yourself. Phil and T are the best around and extremely knowledgeable and have your best interest in mind. Listen to them. And stay humble.
— Carly B
Motivation comes from within and inspiration comes from without. Let’s just say that the camaraderie of CFCH makes the latter a whole lot easier. Seeing everyone, no matter their skill level, pushing themselves to be better is awesome. Phil and T have really created a wonderful environment.
— Will M.
It is hard for me to pinpoint my exact motivation. It’s more than just being happy with my body and loving the ability to throw around heavy iron. It’s knowing that if I miss class I’ll get two or three texts asking where I was. It’s coming in and reading the names on the board watching everyone else get stronger. It’s sharing the joy of achievement when a new PR is reached. There isn’t much better in this world then PR’ing and having everyone in the room know exactly how you feel. The gym is my home now. It’s where I want to be. Most nights I’m there until Phil or Teresa turn the lights out on me. There is something bigger than me going on at the corner of Braeswood and Stella Link and I am so very proud to be a part of it.
— Ben D.
Don’t even bother to try another place, we have the best coaches and the best community right here. And regarding CrossFit itself, I would say that you should think about what you want to get from it, but also try to just fall in love with the sport, embrace the CrossFit values and have fun!
— Jesus G.
(Since starting CrossFit) Everything seems a little easier, whether it’s a physical challenge like moving furniture or showing off my moves on the dance floor or a mental challenge like dealing with 9 year olds. I just feel incredibly healthy, alert and alive.
— Jim M.

Zach H. 


Whether you're reading this thinking about whether or not CrossFit is right for you, or you're a seasoned vet trying to find a new gym, at one point in you're life you could have been like me and hated the thought of working out, but really needed to do SOMETHING. Whether you're trying to lose weight, mitigate stress, or just get out and be active, sometimes a change is necessary. 

I came to CFCH without being active for more than a year (minus a few beer-ridden golf games here and there), and hadn't lifted a weight since college (I'm 27 now). I played 3 sports in high school, was an avid hiker and played all types of pick-up sports in college, and despite my poor eating and drinking habits, always seemed to stay in pretty good shape. So naturally there would be no way my metabolism would slow down and I'd always stay in decent shape, right? You don't need Einstein to figure that one out. I weighed myself about 7 months before my wedding, and came in at 205 lbs (30 lbs heavier than I had remembered weighing). That shocked me enough to try anything I could, no matter how much I hated it. I tried running, no luck. I joined an indoor soccer league, and that was a MAJOR fail. Gym memberships are over priced, and I needed a personal trainer that would literally kick my butt and no doubt be exorbitantly priced. I was even coaxed into a few Yoga classes by the "boss", but that ranked pretty high on my embarrassing scale in more than a few ways. 

A friend of mine started telling me he went to CrossFIt every morning at 5 a.m.. He told me about the work outs, how intense they were, and how much he loved it. I immediately thought he was masochistic and weird. I also thought there's no way in hell I'd be able to not only get up that early in the morning, but be able to function enough to be around heavy weights, much less lift them, or myself. Regardless I looked for Crossfit gyms around my house, and sure enough two places showed up, and one was CrossFit Central Houston. I called the first one and got the answering machine. I then called Teresa and she picked up and we had a great conversation, so I scheduled my first On Ramp appointment. Just under three months later I've lost 21 of the 30 pounds, and attend the 6 A.M. class (among other times they have available) at least 3 times a week, trying to push it to 4 with aspirations of getting to 5. I improve nearly every class. The other classmates are encouraging and friendly. Teresa and Phil are amazing coaches, teachers, trainers, and people. They are sincerely dedicated to all of the students' well-being and growth. My advice to anyone that's thinking about making a change is to come try CFCH, because Phil and Teresa have the teaching ability and tools to help you achieve whatever it is you're looking for. 

Frank R.

Frank back in May, and then now in June!

Frank back in May, and then now in June!

I wanted to share my story about CrossFit Central Houston and the awesome job Phil and Teresa are doing. My name is Frank Rodriguez and I started Crossfit 04/13 weighing 310 lbs. As of 06/14 I'm am down to 270 lbs (YES 40lbs and counting!!!). As both of them preach, nutrition goes hand in hand with exercise. The workouts are hard, but there is only one way to burn calories. The attitude in the "box" is very positive, and if you are not where you need to be physically then they will help you adjust so you can get the most out of your workouts.

I am faster, stronger, lighter, and fitter than I was when I first started.

Thank you Phil and Teresa for pushing   me to be healthy and fit!