The "WOD" or Workout of the Day is a traditional CrossFit training class. Participants can expect to see bodyweight/gymnastics movements, olympic lifting, power lifting, running, rowing, kettlebells, and more combined in a workout designed to build strength and conditioning across short, medium, and long time domains.

Within the WOD class, there are three different levels of programming to choose from: Foundations, General Physical Preparedness (GPP), and Competition.

Foundations: scaled and/or modified movements designed to strengthen, build body awareness, and build up conditioning for the athlete who is either newer to CrossFit or have preexisting injuries or mobility issues that require modifications.

GPP: traditional CrossFit programming

Competition: (see below)


The endurance class includes many of the same movements you might see in a CrossFit class, like kettlebells, dumbbells, and medicine balls,  and rowing, but does NOT include any barbell work. For this reason, OnRamp is NOT required to join these classes. Workouts are programmed for athletes who are training for longer duration efforts, for example: marathons. 


Athletes who are looking to compete in the sport of CrossFit may choose to add more volume and skill work to their regular workouts by participating in GPP portion of the WOD class, but supplementing with additional work posted daily, and performed outside of regular class times. 

1-on-1 Training

One-on-one training is available at a cost of $60/hour for those who prefer a more private setting.  For more information and for scheduling options, email grace@crossfitcentralhouston.com