Why CrossFit?

CrossFit movements are designed to be functional in everyday life, so EVERYONE can benefit from learning them. Do you pick up your kids off of the ground? That's a deadlift. Have you ever been carrying some bags and had to bend down and pick something up off the ground? Front squat. The movements that you will do CrossFitting are compound movements that require core to extremity strength, because that's how we move in real life. Additionally, CrossFit includes workouts that will increase your work capacity across all time domains; that is, for every "long" workout, you will do several "short" workouts. These are the same principals that are applied to collegiate and elite sports programs around the world - because it works! Increasing your strength, flexibility, mobility, stamina, endurance, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance and accuracy benefits everyone, no matter the fitness background. 

Is CrossFit for me? I haven't worked out in forever/I'm overweight/I'm a grandmother/I'm not like those CrossFit athletes I saw on ESPN!

YES! CrossFit is for everyone! Every workout and every movement is scalable to each individual athletes needs based on fitness level, mobility, injury and strength. The needs of an Olympic athlete, a 65-year old woman and a college student differ by degree, not kind. Your coach will scale the workout to fit you needs. For instance, if there are weighted squats in the workout, you, your grandma, and the Olymic lifter would not be doing the same weight. The lifter might be doing a very heavy weight, you may squatting with some weight to an elevated target until your mobility improves, and your grandma may be using little or not weight....but everyone is squatting and participating in the same workout. You improve at your own pace, and every workout is as hard as YOU make it. Also see What to Expect.

What can I expect during a CrossFit class?

You can expect a warm-up that usually begins with running or rowing and is followed by some dynamic stretching and basic movements to get your blood flowing. The warm-up is often followed by mobility work to increase joint mobility and flexibility. Next, there may be some skill or strength work where the class will spend some time focusing on learning a specific skill or getting stronger at a particular lift such as deadlift, power clean or push press. Finally, the workout of the day (WOD) will consist of a mix of movements which may include running, rowing, gymnastics, olympic lifting, bodyweight movements, or powerlifting. Some examples of these movements would be push ups, situps, squats, snatch, power clean, ring dips, muscleups, cartwheels, bearcrawl, clean and jerk and farmers carry. Each workout is either to be done as fast as possible or for as many reps as possible, and is usually between 5 and 25 minutes long. Everyone in the group will perform the workout at the same time, with the coach close by to motivate, monitor form and safety, and help in any other way necessary. Also see What to Expect.

Do I need to get in shape before I start CrossFit?

Absolutely not! Going to a regular health club to try and get in shape before you start CrossFitting will just delay the benefits that you will receive from a good CrossFit program! The workouts that you see posted on our blog are written for high level athletes. If you look at those and think you can't do all of the movements or weights, it's no problem! Few athletes can! The workout posted is a starting point from where we begin to scale. Even the most elite athlete will walk into a CrossFit box and find the workout challenging.

I've heard CrossFit is really hard. Is that true? 

CrossFit is as hard as you make it. In the beginning, we will focus on mechanics and consistency before adding lots of intensity. We want you to be safe. Once you have those two things down, how hard you push yourself is up to you. You can jog 100m, or you can sprint 100m - the person willing to push themselves hard enough to feel uncomfortable will improve faster than the person who walks or jogs it. 

What about the cost? 

The truth is, you could do CrossFit for free by following Main Site (www.crossfit.com) at home in your garage gym. But our members love the community that comes from doing something hard with a group of people, they enjoy the personal instruction that they get from a certified coach who can help them with technique and form, and because CrossFit is more fun and more intense in a group than alone. Personal training at a globo gym can cost anywhere between $50-$75 per session and may or may not include a meal plan. Our membership prices include your desired number of class sessions each month and we will happliy help you figure out a nutrition plan that will work for you at no extra cost.

How often should I CrossFit?

We usually reccommend that beginners start with 2-3 times/week. Obviously your schedule will dictate how often you workout to some extent, but most athletes CrossFit 3-5 times per week, no more than 3 days in a row. Recovery is just as important as your workout.  

I don't want to get bulky. Can I still do CrossFit? 

Look: lifting weights makes you strong, not bulky. Will you put on muscle? Absolutely. Will you lose fat? Absolutely. But that doesn't mean that you'll get bulky. Men are designed to put on muscle differently than women, so when men lift weights, they will often see substantial increases in size. However, if you are a woman, read this


What is the Paleo Diet?

First off, the word "diet" usually has connotations of not eating very much food and losing weight. The "diet" in "Paleo Diet" is referencing more a way of eating or a nutrition plan. Paleo and the Zone Plan are popular within the CrossFit Community. You can see that the Paleo pyramid emphasizes eating REAL FOOD, and the Zone system is particularly helpful in developing reasonable portion sizes. You don't have to eat Paleo to do CrossFit, but we do believe that it is a way for your body to feel the best it can - and often times a side effect is positive changes in body composition including weight loss and building muscle. Click here to learn more about the Paleo Diet.

How do I join?

Visit the How to Get Started page to register with our online scheduler and sign up for your Free Trial Class. You may also contact us via email (info@crossfitcentralhouston.com) or phone (832-474-5232).

Do you allow Drop-Ins from other CrossFit boxes?

YES! We'd love for you to come visit us. Your first visit is FREE, and you can register for a Free Trial class to reserve your spot. Additional classes are $20 each. If you are visiting for an extended period, feel free to contact us at (832)474-5232 to see if we can work out something more economical.